Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final Four... Detroit Rock City

Well i'm not quite sure if i am qualified to speak any further on this subject, (considering all of my brackets have now been busted) but i still get the feeling that there could be at least one more surprise this year and it has something to do with 80,000 strong cheering for the home team (underdog) Michigan St. Spartans.

As i said in an earlier post, this team has very very quietly put together one of the best records in the country, all while avoiding any and every spotlight. Can Michigan St. slide in one more time undetected and pull off yet another upset? As much as i have been hating on the Connecticut Huskies since the beginning of the tournament my answer is going to have to be "no". UConn has returned to its true form from the beginning of the season, and is now... once again... FINALLY living up to all expectations. I think that State will be able to keep it close for a while, but at the end of the day, i'm looking at a Huskies victory.

PICK: UConn -4.0

The second matchup on Saturday, could be one the greatest game of the entire tournament... or it could be the biggest flop. First we have number three Villanova coming from the Big East. The Wildcats wave had quite the run, and have knocked off some very formidable opponents along the way in Duke and Pitt. On the other hand we have a team in UNC that was dubbed "the best college team EVER" at the beginning of the season, and have looked to live up to all the hype in the tournament, knocking off each and every opponent with ease.

At the beginning of this tournament i would have taken any Big East team over a team from any other conference. They were just that tough of a conference. Right now, however; i just can't see myself taking Villanova to beat this Carolina squad. You guard them down low and they beat you on the perimeter. You guard the outside shot and they dominate the paint. Once you think you have this team figured out, they take you to the next level. And to be able to shut down Blake Griffin the way they did... sure he had 23/16 but he didn't control the pace, and wasn't able to dictate the way he had through the entire season/tournament... these Tar Heels are legit.

PICK: UNC -7.0

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Sweet It Is...

So i have to apologise to mr. smedley for not honouring a promise, as well as thank him for calling me out on it. cudos.

With that said and done, bring on the SWEET SIXTEEN !!!

I've been debating on how to go about with this post, and have decided to pretty much just go over the sweet sixteen matchups, look at a few numbers, some odds, a spread or two, and then give a couple of futures.

Despite being the overall number one seed going into the tournament, the Cardinals have been less than stellar in their first two tournament games. Defence has been an issue all season long, and it really started to show in the later half of the Sienna game. Luckily enough, Louisville has had the luxury of playing #16 and #9 to get into the sweet sixteen.

One of the most scrutinized bubble teams in recent history, the Arizona Wildcats have definately made the most of their time in the tournament this year. With an upset win over Utah, and being the surprise favourite against Cleveland St., the Wildcats are proving to all the nay-sayers with their tough defence that they definately belong in this year's tournament.

LINE: Louisville -9.0
PICK: Arizona +9.0

Despite winning the Big Ten, Michigan St. has managed to stay off the radar, while quietly putting together a remarkable season. They have proven to be clutch performers, who at any given time can take the game to the next level and completely dominate on the score board.

After losing nearly its entire starting lineup from last years championship team to the NBA draft this year, many (including myself) thought that Kansas would be running the NIT tournament this year. Not the case. This young group, have proven themselves not only capable of getting to the big dance, but also worthy. Although i still personally feel they are playing way over their heads, and will come crashing down to earth, i have to give them credit for making an almost believer out of me.

LINE: Michigan St. -1.5
PICK: Michigan St. -1.5

While they have completely dominated the competition thus far. I'm still not completely sold on the Huskies. The main reason being Hasheem Thabeet. As dominant a shot blocker as he is... he is not a basketball player. Teams have had success when they challenge Thabeet inside and get him into foul trouble. Maybe the Huskies make it to the elite eight, but i do not see a final four in their future.

I have enjoyed watching this team play all season long. A stingy defence, and a fast paced run-and-gun offence, taking only high percentage shots. When they do manage to slow it down to their half court, it seems that everyone on the team gets a touch, and helps create a lane or an open jumper. I like them coming from the Big Ten, because (like Michigan St.) they aren't being overly examined on a regular basis.

LINE: UConn -6.5
PICK: Purdue +6.5 (+240)

2 Memphis Vs. 3 Mizzou
Two of the best defences will go head to head. I have two possible outcomes for this game. The first one being that Memphis continues to roll, and finds the holes in the Missouri defence winning by 10+. The second is that we see somewhat of a repeat of last years final where the Tigers get stuck at the line, and let Mizzou back into the game. Regardless of the outcome, this is one of the must see games this round.

LINE: Memphis -4.5
Pick: Memphis -4.5

1 Pitt Vs. 4 Xavier
The Panthers are flat, coming on late in the game, and doing only enough to get by, while the Musketeers are white hot. I'm going to have to go against my bracket here and say that Xavier is the play. Especially with with 7 points.



2 Duke/3 Nova: Villanova is the better team, and despite a shaky opening round, the Wildcats got it together for the second round and showed why they are a 3-seed.

NOVA +2.0 (+115)

1 UNC/4 Gonzaga: With Ty Lawson back, and almost at 100%, the Tar Heels are looking like the hype at the beginning of the season might have just been worthy. Coming into the tournament i really liked Gonzaga as a 4, and thought that they could be the team to derail this Juggernaut. However, i am once again going to have to go against my bracket and jump on this UNC band wagon.

PICK: UNC -8.5

BLAKE GRIFFIN, BLAKE GRIFFIN, BLAKE GRIFFIN... He has been beaten up. He has been knocked around. He has been concussed, and concussed. He continues to average 24 and 15. I don't know if the Sooners would even be considered for the tournament this year if it wasn't for this guy, so if he can stay out of foul trouble, watch out for this Oklahoma team.

DEFEND, DEFEND, DEFEND. Get the open looks that you got against Arizona St. and we might have ourselves a classic on our hands here. Being completely biased, i would love nothing more than to see the Orangemen take it to Oklahoma. Do i think that they can??? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO. Syracuse was ranked in the top 10 all yeah for defending the post, and if you can take Blake Griffin out of the equation early with some opportune fouls, this could be the year for the ORANGE!!!

LINE: Oklahoma -1.0
PICK: Syracuse (+105)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a couple of things...

First off, i'm sure you are aware by now that the music you are hearing isn't entirely coming from your head. i have added a playlist type thing at the bottom of the page. Still figuring out how to work the damn thing but it is there so enjoy it. i'm not entirely sure how often it will be updated, but once i figure out how to get what i want to get out of it, things will be nice and smooth. until then enjoy my initial playlist... its kind of everywhere, but who isn't these days.

Next... The AP Top 25 has been removed due to the fact that the big tournament starts on thursday and the brackets have been selected. i will be making a post either later tonight, or tomorrow afternoon regarding all your bracket needs. A quick tip... we wont be seeing the four top seeds in the FINAL FOUR this year.

...And finally, a happy st. patty's day to all... eat, drink, and be merry!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunday Detox and Steel City Rockers Present...

The 7th annual tribute to Joe Strummer is once again upon us. As per always, the show will take place on 'Good Friday' (April 10th) and will showcase a plethora of local, and independant music.

From my past experiences, this is one of the can't miss shows of the year. And with the addition of 'The Saint Alvia Cartel' this year, i can only anticipate the raw punk rock energy that will disrupt the downtown core. As much fun as it is playing in this event, i can guarantee that being a spectator will be just as enjoyable. And for $8, the opportunity to see some of the city's finest, paying their respects to Joe Strummer, seems like a steal... i said a steal (wink)

All Proceeds from this years event will be going to the wesley centrewhich helps to provide health care services on a drop in basis.

... and now a little something to wet the appetite:


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ahhh, Eat your heart out Jesse!


Watching the replay of WWE RAW from last night, and it was just announced that Koko B. Ware, and his parrot "Frankie" will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before Wrestlemania.

So naturally i had to re-familiarize myself with the "bird-man"

Check it out-Performing "Piledriver" from the album "Piledriver"... Ladies and gentlemen... Koko B. Ware

I would also like to welcome Captain Charisma back to the WWE.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barack Obama: The Anti-Christ? Hitler? Both?

To anyone that thought Jon Stewart and Colbert were going to have a tough time finding material after the Bush administration, you really need to watch this clip from the Daily Show on Tuesday:

The 'Usual Suspects' reference is absolutely spot on.

Thoughts??? Could any or all of this possibly be true? or are people really that retarded?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

With March closing in, and a madness about to ensue, i have decided to add yet another column to the right side bar thing. The Associated Press' weekly rankings of the NCAA Mens Basketball teams, will be posted each and every Monday until the week ending March 15th when the final brackets will be posted for the tournament.

Believe me when i tell you that this years tournament is going to be one of the greatest of all time. Not only is there no run-away-favourite to pick to win. There are about 15 teams in the top 25 that are ranked, that could easily win it all this year. A nice seeding in the brackets could take any team to any distance and propel them into champions.


On a completely similar, but yet different side note:

THE ABSOLUTE PLAY OF THE YEAR: Devin Harris - New Jersey Nets